Immigration and Refugee Law

Thinking of immigrating to South Africa?

McWilliams & Elliott has a qualified team of immigration attorneys at our disposal to assist with everything from visa applications to more complex cases involving unlawful arrest and detention matters.

Under the careful guidance of Imraan Petersen and years of experience in immigration and refugee law, we are able to prevent unnecessary setbacks or mistakes with document submissions to ensure that the application process is as smooth as possible.

We are able to deal with legal matters relating to immigration, nationality and refugee law in the following instances:

  • Temporary and permanent residence visa-related applications, including Work, Study, Spousal, Relatives, Retirement and other visas
  • Defending questioned South African citizenship investigations
  • Internal appeals against Department decisions, including online appeals per VFS Global
  • Court challenges to immigration-related decisions, including those resulting in detention or orders to depart from the Republic
  • Refugee asylum applications and representation at hearings, including those before the Refugee Appeals Board
  • Damages claims in respect of unlawful arrest and detention

Give the McWilliams & Elliott immigration and refugee legal team a call for any matters relating to the above.