Conveyancing & Property Law

Purchasing a new property is an exciting chapter – be it a new home or business. Do not let the mounds of paperwork and legal documentation take away from the excitement of your new purchase.

Our property attorneys are equipped to provide legal advice and legal assistance with all matters relating to property law including the control and disposition over objects, land and property.

At McWilliams & Elliott we will be at your side every step of the conveyancing process to ensure that you understand what the ownership transfer procedure entails and that you have all the available information to make an informed decision.

With trained conveyancing attorneys at your disposal, we are able to advise clients on conveyancing and property matters including:

  • Property Related Disputes
  • Property Compliance Issues
  • General Compliance Before Purchasing or Selling a Property
  • Management, Enforcement and Resolution of Property Rights
  • Transfer of Property Ownership
  • General Property Advice
  • Contracts of Sales, Donation and Exchange
  • Residential and Commercial Property Sales and Acquisitions
  • Mortgage Bonds for Financial Institutions
  • Land Sub-Divisions and Consolidations
  • Township and Sectional Title Developments
  • Lease and Option Agreements
  • Structuring of Share Block and Sectional Title Schemes
  • Notarial Leases, Bonds and Servitudes
  • Registration of Antenuptial Contracts

Our capable property law and conveyancing attorneys are able to provide efficient, and cost-effective solutions to your property requirements so that you can start the new exciting chapter in your life without having to jump through hoops. Give us a call to set up a meeting and get you settled into your new home.